How Does a Student Manage Time?

Time management is a very complicated thing when it comes to being a college student. Having free time and not have any parents around to make sure that you are doing your work allows you to make your own decisions. Friends ask you to go out and you have to find time to get all of your homework done. It all gets thrown into a giant mess of time and it’s a lot of stress.

Being a music major is very difficult because there are many parts to our day and lots of extra work that everyone has to put in. There is also the fact that most students have to take lessons and practicing for those takes an hour or more a day. I am taking 23 credit hours this semester as a freshman and have lots of work that I am always trying to get done to keep my grades up. I have worked very hard to make sure that I keep my grades up as well as manage my own time. Since I play bassoon I am in many ensembles and that takes up quite a bit of my time, even though it was originally difficult to figure out when I would get homework and social time in. But, I have worked at it and my grades are as good as they were in high school.

Other students have this problem too since every major is difficult and takes a very large amount of time. In the end, everyone figures it out. There are some rough patches and then students find out what works best for them. If you go to Mount Union and need help with time management I would suggest talking to your teachers and see what they did as a student. My advice to incoming Mount Union students would be to try and see if you can do work and homework without your parents. I know that managing two jobs and doing school work had really prepared me for college.

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