Honors Program

As I mention in my bio, I am apart of the honors program. Before coming to Mount I wasn’t really sure exactly what the honors program was or what it entailed but my parents urged me to do accept the invitation. Now that I have learned more, I’m actually really happy with all of the benefits I get now! So if you’re a prospective student confused about what exactly you get out of it, I’m going to tell you the most important parts! First, you get to schedule your classes earlier than all of the other freshman. I didn’t think this was too big of a deal, but after going through scheduling for my fall semester I am excited I most likely will get into every class I want for spring without any trouble. You create your schedule for your freshman fall semester when you come for preview in the summer. I didn’t really pay too much attention to this detail when picking which weekend I came and ended up coming the very last weekend. Since I was in the last group of freshman to schedule, I actually couldn’t get into some of the classes I was hoping to and had to rearrange my schedule. Thankfully, it all worked out fine and I got into the major classes I needed but my electives had to be rearranged. I have a friend who wasn’t so lucky and didn’t get into a needed class for her major. So if you can go to an early preview session- DO IT! Second benefit of being in the honors program, you do not have to take gen eds! Instead of having to take humanities and an English and a social science you get to just take classes for your major/minor and electives you can fit in! I love this so much because my major/minor are very demanding class wise and if I had to take gen eds I would have a very heavy course load each semester. You have to take an honors seminar every semester but they aren’t that bad. My fall freshman one is Heroes of Social Justice and it’s probably my favorite class. The third benefit of being in the honors program is the status you gain. Honors students are invited to more social events with faculty which in turn leads to stronger connections to the faculty on campus. It also looks very good on your resume to graduate in the honors program. People on campus won’t technically even know you are in it though because you have the same classes as them, just have a different graduation requirement. So don’t worry about being judged or anything!! Everyone here is very accepting. All in all its just a great decision and you’ll have no problem handling it- so don’t worry it’s so much extra work. It’s an honor to be recognized for what you have achieved in high school and you should seize the opportunity to be rewarded for it!

Have a great week :)

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