High School Senioritis

My Facebook news feed has begun to show me what time of year it is for those who I’m friends with who are seniors in high school… it’s the beginnings of senioritis. A lot of seniors are already receiving their acceptance letters from their desired future schools, and those who haven’t are probably done with taking the ACT or SAT. They know where they want to go, have probably sent some applications out and the rest are over caring about school. Now they just want to send out their college applications, so they too can join the crowd of their peers who JUST.DON’T.CARE. … it’s a bad decision to take this route. I repeat… this is a bade decision! Senioritis is the enemy of every senior, everywhere, every year. Remember: colleges CAN and DO occasionally revoke acceptance to students who’s GPAs plummet their senior year of high school.

Let me just tell you about my senior year of high school. I was always a pretty good student. I worked hard in classes and slacked off occasionally (like almost all high school students do), but the moment I received my acceptance letter from not only Mount Union, but 3 other schools I applied to, I hit a wall. I had been taking AP classes and was in AP English when the acceptance letters arrived. I dropped that class faster than I could even open all the envelopes of acceptance. Bad choice. I ended up picking up another class that gave some college credit, but if I would’ve kept with AP, I could’ve had 18 college credit hours going into college. How cool would that have been?! Instead I came in with only six and ended up having to take an English class here.

Here’s my suggestion: fight it! Fight that senioritis as hard as you can because your last year of high school DOES matter. Even if you can’t wait to get out of your small town, take on the big world, live on your own… the things that happen before you make it really do matter a lot. Never forget that while college will become the best years of your life, high school is a precursor to that.

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