Hello November!

I can’t believe it’s already November. Where has 2011 gone? This year has come and passed so quickly. When you think about the course of the past year, did you do everything that you wanted and achieve all the goals you had set for the year? Did you accomplish your New Year’s resolution that you established many months ago or did you simply let it slip away like most of America’s population? Speaking for myself, I did not keep a hold of my resolution. I am among the large group of Americans whose New Year’s resolution lasted until about mid-February. But I did, however, do many of the things that I wanted to and accomplished many of the goals I had set for the year.

Now as winter rolls in, the holidays grow closer and the time to make a new resolution approaches, do you ever wonder if making a resolution every New Year’s has a true purpose? I mean, for most people, they do not last the entire year. So I say, instead of making a resolution for the entire year why don’t you make a resolution for each month.

On the first day of each month, make a resolution of something you will do, quit doing, etc. So as the first day of November is now here, what will you do this month? Will you work at a soup kitchen, deliver Thanksgiving meals to the elderly or help at a homeless shelter? Will you promise to be more kind to others this holiday season and strive to give more than you receive?

Leave me a comment.  Let me know what you plan to do this November and this holiday season.  I challenge you to make a resolution this November.

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