Greek Sing

A fun event that just took place between the sororities and fraternities on campus was Greek Sing. All throughout last week, the four sororities and four fraternities competed in different events against each other to gain the most points.

Sunday – Service Project
Monday – Can Castles
Tuesday – Greek Olympics
Wednesday – Letter Writing Campaign for St. Jude’s Hospital
Thursday – Greek Sing

Greek Sing is actually more about dancing than singing. The groups perform two group dances, one girls dance and one guys dance with little skits in between. The lyrics of two of the songs must be changed! The theme of all of Greek Week was the USA, so each group picked a state. My sorority picked Tennessee, so naturally it was country themed. I was so happy to get to be part of this experience because it was such a fun time and I got even closer with my sisters. We had practice for two and a half weeks before actual Greek Sing, so a lot of time was put into making it the best we could. The song the girls danced to was by Jessica Simpson called “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” The song the guys danced to was “Country Girl Shake it For Me” by Luke Bryan, which is one of my absolute favorite songs! The two group dances were the songs we changed the lyrics to – “Crazy Town” and “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”

Unfortunately we were on the stage two seconds over the time limit, so we ended up getting third place for Greek Sing. Overall, we took second place though! I’ve attached the link to the YouTube video of our dances if you’d like to check them out! It’s only nine minutes long :) Comment with any feedback from it!

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