Good Food, Good Weather

The first week back from any vacation can hit students hard, no matter where they go or what they’re coming back to. And, with this sudden splash back to reality, the only thing that can fill the void of vacation is food. That is why I am thankful for our buffet-style cafeteria; all week they were serving great food including some Irish classics to celebrate Saint Paddy’s day. Thursday for dinner they had a great corned beef and cabbage, however Friday was the high point for me as they served stuffed banana peppers, which were really delicious.

Today is Sunday, which marks the first day of spring, and last night’s moon symbolized the specialness of the season with the ‘Supermoon.’ The moon was as close as it has been to Earth in 18 years. At moon rise, it was shaded blood red, and by the time it had peaked it had turned into a great shade of silver. Sunday continued to be a beautiful day as I spent the afternoon in the country of Alliance and appreciated the beautiful nature around me.

This Thursday, Mount Union will be hosting world-renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, who will present 10 Things You Should Know About The Universe. Mount Union is a small school of 2,000 plus students, but they always manage to get extremely impressive speakers, which rival even some of the largest and most prestigious schools around.

In two weeks – Saturday, April 2 – Mount Union will host the OAC Gold Meet. It looks to be a great spring Saturday morning, so people should try and come out to at least enjoy the weather. And if not for that, but to watch some of the nation’s best athletes!

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  • kj says:

    Beloit only had about 1200 people when I went there – I know what you mean about going to small school. I liked it, but everyone knew everyone’s business and it was impossible to date and then break up with someone and try to date again – no one wanted to date their friend’s ex and on a campus this small, everyone was everyone else’s friend.

    I saw the supermoon, too. It was stupendous – even way over here in the east. Couldn’t quite read by it, but it was almost literally in your face.

    I’d love to know the ten things about the universe everyone should know – would you post them?

    And enjoy the April 2 meet – here it’s going to snow.

    By the way, am considering taking on a new job – just got a great offer, just when I thought I was settling in for life out here at Kingsborough. Will keep you posted.


  • next year I hope they have the same event, I won’t miss it for the world. I hope that they have some the foods that you mentioned in your post, great post also.

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