Getting Involved

You might be wondering what students on campus do when they aren’t doing homework and studying. A lot of it has to do with what clubs that student is involved in. You might not think so, but being in a club can take up a lot of your time. I am in yearbook club, where I try to go to every event during the week to take pictures. I am also in Tom’s club and we have been planning a music festival to collect non-perishable food items for a month now. The festival is actually happening tonight! For my honors seminar I chose to do community service as my major project so I attend the events that the Regula Center puts on- usually during the weekends. Lastly, I am in a sorority- AXO. Some weeks there is a lot going on, others it’s not too busy. I definitely think most of what I do through the sorority is fun activities that I enjoy doing! Sometimes there is just too much going on though for me to attend. A few weekends ago I played in a volleyball tournament for five hours, but I loved it! I got to spend time with some girls in my sorority I didn’t really know before and it was a great afternoon. Those type of opportunities are what I love about being in Greek life. In a few weeks we have something called Greek Week, this past weekend we put on a Mr. UMU pageant, and we’ve taken several group trips to this country club called The Dusty. I’ve gotten to experience so much in my short two months here. My roommate is not a part of Greek Life and still has had fun here though- so don’t think it’s all about joining a sorority or fraternity! Getting involved in campus through clubs is mostly a great way to meet people who have similar interests to you. There are clubs for pretty much every major. Just make sure you manage your time well. I tried to be in two other clubs at the beginning of the year but with my school schedule I felt overwhelmed trying to attend all of them so I decided to only be in two this semester plus Greek life. Next semester I may try joining the psychology/neuroscience club if I can fit it into my schedule. Another way to get involved, if you are into athletics, is intramurals! For all of those high school athletes out there who aren’t continuing sports in college, this is your chance to play again! I’m on a sand volleyball team right now, and I know from experience there are some good legit teams that register every semester. It’s not a joke game like in gym class, you can create a great team and usually find some sort of competition. This is a great way to meet people on your floor/in your building with the same interests as you. I inspired someone on my floor to create a team and now there’s about five of us from my floor on a team together. If you like athletics, but aren’t looking for a specific sport to play, there’s raider robics. Raider robics is a group of classes that students/faculty from Mount run. This semester we have turbo kick, zumba (my favorite) and insanity. As you can see, there’s plenty going on here to keep you busy and having a great time! Your second day of orientation you will go to something called ‘Raiderfest’ where all the different clubs have tables set up and you can give your email to those you are interested in! Then you choose what works for you (: It’s simple to get involved here at Mount and definitely worth it! You’ll create even more memorable experiences.


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