Getting Back on Track


In my previous post, I talked about getting the flu and missing the first week of school. Some of you may be wondering how on earth you recover from missing a week of classes so let me elaborate on my experience.

First, I checked all of my professor’s syllabi and wrote down in a calendar what assignments were due when and what they were going over in class on the days I was gone. One of the benefits for me was getting sick in the beginning of the semester so the first days of my classes were mostly going over the syllabus and not really introducing the material yet. After my calendar was filled out, I made a list of physical assignments that were due (not reading, studying or looking over power points). Then, I prioritized the list based on when I had each of the classes the following week. I started the work on Sunday so I could get a few assignments out of the way. Thankfully we had Monday off, which gave me an extra two days to complete the assignments that were due for my four MWF classes. Tuesday I only have one afternoon class so that was another lucky break I got in this situation. For the most part, after dedicating pretty much all my free time to schoolwork, I was caught up by Friday. French is the one class that being absent has greatly affected me. We learned a lot of topics in class when I was out so I missed the opportunity to hear the words being spoken and taught in class. I have not had French before either, so although I’ve made flashcards, I don’t pronounce the words correctly. This is a problem because we have a listening section of the test where I have to write down the French that the teacher speaks. Thankfully we have a student tutor for this class, so tonight I will see her to get help with what I don’t understand before our test on Wednesday. We took a practice test today and I did relatively well so that made me feel a bit more confident. Last week I was also struggling with understanding what went on in my biology class the week I was out so I set up a time to meet with my biology professor on Friday and it helped a lot. I feel all caught up in that class after seeing her.

So if you do end up sick at one point, try not to stress about the make up work too much. Your professors are flexible and understand illness happens. You must seek them out though and make sure to touch base with them in case something that was not on the syllabus happened in class! Hopefully you can avoid my situation though and never get that sick!

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