Funny Mishaps

Since everyone is a bit down from the current weather due to the hurricane, I thought I’d share some funny stories that have happened between my roommate and me since I’ve been to Mount.

The first “mishap” occurred only a few weeks after school started. At this point in time my roommate and I had our beds parallel to one another near the window. One day while I was at class, my roommate was climbing down her ladder and she completely just fell backward and knocked into a bunch of my stuff. After that, she just kinda laid there appalled at the fact that she actually just fell. The sound must have been loud because everyone who had been in the hall at that point came rushing over to see what happened. I guess it’s a good thing that we live on the first floor. I can’t imagine what it would’ve sounded like to the people below us. Oh, and my roommate wasn’t hurt at all, if you were concerned.

The next occurrence was only a couple weeks later. I kept trying to open and close our blinds but was having the worst of luck. We have a cord to pull them open and close but it always seemed to be stuck. My friends talked about how they just opened and closed them by pulling on them so I thought I could try that. That only got them opened and closed so far. I was really bothered by the closing factor because we live on the first floor with guys living across from us. There would always be a little sliver of the blinds that wouldn’t close all the way that I was afraid you could see through. I was complaining about how I wished we had blinds that worked and my roommate said she would try to get it. Well she took the one side of the blinds completely off the track… I just kind of stood there stunned as she started freaking out that she broke it. Then she found a piece of something on the ground and accidentally pricked her finger with it and started bleeding a little. I said I hoped that it was sterile and then she started going crazy about getting some sort of disease. I really couldn’t help it but just start dying from laughter because she was so panicked. When I came back after going to the bathroom to contain myself, she found a guy in the hall to fix it and it was good as new. We haven’t touched them since.

The next instance that happened actually more than once is sleep talking. My roommate and I have both done this to each other. My roommate did it first. I get up way earlier than her on Tuesday and Thursday’s so I try to keep quiet while she sleeps. Apparently one morning I made a sound that either startled her or she was having a weird dream and she completely sat up in bed. Shot up like a rocket basically, which startled me. I said her name and she said something like “hi” then just fell down onto her bed. When I told her about it later that day she had no recollection. A couple of weeks ago, I did something similar to her. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday’s I come back and nap after my first class. My roommate sometimes comes back after her class at 10 a.m., and this particular morning she did and I heard her come in. I looked at the clock and got confused and started yelling at her about how I have class and I’m going to be late and just started completely freaking out. Somehow she settled me down or I realized it was nap time and I was OK. Then I turned over and my roommate asked me a question literally a minute later that I don’t remember her asking at all or hearing her leave a few minutes later. When I woke up all I remembered was I was freaking out when she came in but none of the details.

Hopefully if you are experiencing the bad weather like we are these helped give you a good laugh for the day. As you can tell, you really do make a lot of memories with your roommate even if you aren’t trying. Things just happen. They make for great stories later though!

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