Friday Five


[Babysitting = broken headbands... but it's impossible to get mad at her!]

Guys! It’s not only my last day of class for the semester, but my last day of class at Mount Union for my junior year! Today is also exactly ONE MONTH until I take flight to Italy! How exciting is that?! I thought I had so much time to prepare, but it came so fast. I have something to admit though… all of a sudden, I am unbelievably scared/nervous/worried/all of the above. I hate to say it, but I am getting cold feet! The thought of spending over four months away from home is really nerve-wracking. I am going to be in a completely new environment, surrounded by complete strangers who are speaking a language I am unfamiliar with.

However, whenever I start to go into mini-panic mode, I think about how much fun I am going to have while I am abroad. I am so lucky to have this opportunity. I spoke with one of my best friends, Megan, who studied abroad this past summer in France, and she assured me that she was feeling the exact same way leading up to the time that she left. She even promised that having my mom literally drag me through the terminal at the airport is OK, and that the hundreds of tears that are sure to flow on the plane ride over are not a bad thing.

Megan loved every second of her study abroad experience and said she would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I feel so much better knowing that these feelings are normal and that everyone gets a little bit scared sometimes.

This weekend I will be studying for finals (we’re in the homestretch!), attending a Christmas concert at church and squeezing in as much “hang-out time” as possible with friends at Mount Union, since I will not be seeing them until next year!

Have a great weekend. Happy Friday!

cinnamon roll

[Indulging in a cinnamon roll and iced chai tea latte breakfast]


[Fun Christmas shopping day with my sisters]

christmas tree

[Decorating the Christmas tree at home]

fashion show

[The highlight of my week: the VS Fashion Show]

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