Frat Parties: Unlike the Movies

You have all seen the typical college/high school movie. The ones where jocks rule and the weird kids get pushed around. The ones where there are endless parties at fraternities and freshmen get hazed in order to get into one of the fraternities.

It’s a lie.

By now, those of you who have read my blog posts will know that I am a transfer student from Malaysia and I have been here since January 2011. I have never been to a frat party over the past four semesters. It was always something I had chosen to avoid because, sorry to say, I’m not a big fan of that culture. And by “that culture” I mean fraternities and sororities.

Nevertheless, I have always had that image in my head. The idea that frat parties are always insane and out of control. The idea that all frat boys do is party day and night. Can you blame me? The amount of movies that depict this exact scenario is insane!

This semester, I decided to put aside all my prejudice and give it a go. I wanted to be a more open person. I thought that if I were to be accepted by American students for my diversity, I should also give their culture a chance. So I did. I went to a frat party. No, I went to two.

The first was a month or so ago at Phi Kappa Tau. I was genuinely excited. It was going to be the first time I stepped foot in a fraternity and the first time I attended a frat party. It was by far the strangest experience I have ever had. The party was unlike anything I had seen in the movies before. It was bizarre and a little appalling. What I saw there, I could never UN-see.

Then on Friday night, I had decided to give it another go; thinking that I might have just went to one of those bad ones. So I went to the Sigma Nu “Saints and Sinners” party. My initial concern was that I had no idea how to dress for the theme. But as soon as I stepped into the party, I knew that all my concerns were for nothing. That was because no one actually dressed like the theme suggested. It was, in every aspect, “just another frat party.” This time, I did not stick around. I left. Very rapidly.

I guess coming from Malaysia, I had a different idea of how frat parties were supposed to be. In many ways, I was disappointed. Everything that I had seen in movies were just fictional scenarios made up by screenwriters to over-exaggerate the actual thing. But I suppose I was also relieved that I did not like it. I am now safe from the possible frat party addiction.

I was not impressed, guys. Most of us international students expected more from all the movies we have seen about frat parties here in America. But no worries, maybe it’s just because I myself have had little experience with parties back in my hometown over the last summer. Maybe.

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