“Forever Mount”

Last weekend was one of excitement and craziness here on Mount Union’s campus. It is a weekend that all Purple Raiders and even community members look forward to each year. It is a weekend that can be found marked on the calendars of Mount Union alumni, written in many students, faculty and staff members planners and even scribbled down on a note on the refrigerators of many community members. So you may be wondering what this so called special weekend is… am I right? Well, the weekend I am referring to is Alumni Weekend and Homecoming. This weekend is special all around at Mount Union as there are many fun and exciting events that take place all throughout the weekend for everyone.

The theme this year for the weekend was “Forever Mount.” The weekend kicked off Friday night with the Mr. UMU pageant. This is an annual event attended mostly by students, and in simple terms, is basically a male beauty pageant. Different organizations on campus select one male to represent them in the pageant. At the pageant, the men participate in events similar to that of the Miss America pageant such as a talent portion, a question/answer session, formal wear and Raider gear. The judges were faculty and staff members. The pageant has a humorous tone and is not serious in any way. This year’s winner was senior Josh Jones, who was representing Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. Additional events that took place on Friday were the Mount Union Board of Trustees meeting and the Department of Theatre’s presentation of the comedy Bus Stop.


Saturday is the day that holds the most events and the most excitement of the weekend. This past Saturday there was an Alumni Brunch in which different alumni were honored, multiple class reunions, the annual Run-A-MUC race, the Homecoming parade and a Raider pep rally as well as tailgating before the annual Homecoming football game. This year at the Homecoming game, the Raider football team beat Marietta with a 62-0 win. During halftime of the game, this year’s Homecoming King Marcus Williams and Queen Kaitlin Petrilli were revealed and crowned. On Saturday, different organizations also held events such as the Alpha Delta Pi sorority silent auction, the Delta Sigma Tau sorority alumni tea and the Sigma Nu fraternity reception honoring Jim Williams.

Compared to Saturday of Alumni Weekend and Homecoming, Sunday is more of a laid back day that in a way wraps up the weekend. Sunday was not too crazy of a day or full of commotion. This year, the Class of 1976 held a breakfast on Sunday and there was an alumni baseball game and cookout.

This weekend is so very special to all Purple Raiders and many look forward to it each year as the campus is crowded with alumni, students, faculty, staff and community members. And when I say crowded, I mean packed! – prayers are said to find a parking spot. Not only do people in the area attend all of these events, but also people come from all over the country just for this weekend. The high population of people that come to campus for this weekend and the distances they travel says a lot about Mount Union. It shows that people are proud to be a Raider and truly enjoyed the time they spent at the University of Mount Union.

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