Let me tell you what food I’ve learned is good to keep around so you don’t end up buying a ton of food halfway through semester when you find your stash lacking. First, I definitely suggest having some sort of dinner-type food in your dorm, like cup o noodles, ramen noodles or easy mac. Personally, I choose ramen because I can get five packs from Family Dollar down the road for $1. My roommate has easy mac. This is helpful if you have an exam right after lunch and you want to study. This way, you can just eat in your room instead of going down to the cafĂ©, which could be time spent studying. It’s also helpful if you miss the times that the cafe is open due to meetings, sports or other obligations. You don’t have to go out if you have stuff in your room to make. My friend down the hall actually keeps frozen dinners in her freezer for times like that. Besides that, just try to keep snack foods you enjoy! Personally, I love pretzels so I have those, popcorn, a bag of spice cookies and fiber one bars in the room at this moment in time.

It’s good to stock up but there are many places around Mount Union where you can buy snacks if you run out. I again recommend Family Dollar because it’s close and within walking distance, but it might not have exactly what you want. If you do decide to bring the dinner/lunch foods like I suggested, don’t forget silverware of some kind (can be plastic) and microwavable bowls/plates to heat the food up in. The cafeteria does serve fruit, but you have to remember to grab it when you are there. Depending how many times you go you might not have much of a stash because you eat it all in one day. I try to do this, but usually end up forgetting to grab it when I leave or I do, but eat it a few hours later. It’s definitely better to eat fruit as a snack but if I forget it when I’m there I won’t make a trip down to the cafe just for fruit. So depending how much you enjoy/want to eat fruit you may want to buy your own. Keeping some sort of caffeine in your room is also good for those late night study sessions you will find yourself doing quite often. If you live in Cunningham or McCready, Sheetz is a quick walk away, but again it’s the convenience factor of having it right there in your room. So those are my tips on how to prepare for the big food transition, hope you found it helpful! :) Comment with any questions you may have!

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