Five at Five

This weekend is going to be so awesome.

This Sunday, the Concert Choir is performing at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Akron.

Performing in churches is one thing. The size and shape of a church makes for a great environment to sing, and it sounds awesome. I’ve been in churches where you cut off the song and the reverb lasts for up to four seconds. It’s rich, awesome and I love singing in churches.

And this Westminster Presbyterian Church is going to be one of the great churches to sing in.

We’re singing in this church as part of its concert series, called Five at Five. We’re the third of five groups performing at 5 p.m. for this church.

Okay, and here’s a tidbit of information. We’re doing this new song called Where Your Bare Foot Walks and I can’t wait. This is my favorite song and I’m THRILLED that the first time we perform it is going to be in such an awesome church. If you get to Akron this weekend for no other reason come for Where Your Bare Foot Walks.

This is our first time performing with this concert series, and I hope we get to sing at more things like this.

We’re seriously had so many awesome opportunities in the last two years. I can tell the choir program is growing and will continue to grow under Dr. Cook.

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