Finding treasures in Alliance

I feel like a lot of people that go to Mount think negatively about the city that we live in, Alliance.  The city is pretty small and there isn’t a huge shopping mall here.  We have a mall called “Carnation Mall” that has about seven stores inside of it.  We have very few chain restaurants (and no coffee shops).  However, I think that also makes the city very interesting.  It definitely gives the city character and makes this college town different than a lot of others.  I mean, obviously it’d be fun if we had huge shopping areas and tons of fancy dinner options, but I think it leaves us to explore the smaller places more.

There are so many cute little family-owned places in Alliance, and I have made it my mission to check out a majority of these before I graduate in December.  For a class project last semester, we all had to go to a small business and do a presentation on how we would help the company in from a public relations perspective.  I got assigned a small Italian restaurant called Anthony’s.  It really is adorable and it is located on Main Street.  They have really good food (try the sweet potato fries!!).

On Tuesday, the directors of WRMU had our monthly dinner at a place called Andrea’s Garden.  Ohhhh my goodness is this place is sweet.  It is on Union Avenue just right down the street from campus and it is all organic food.  I had heard of the restaurant before but never tried it because … well, I’m not sure why. I guess I just assumed all of the food would be tofu.  Complete misconception.  Organic does not mean vegetarian or vegan.  It simply means that all of their food products are made without chemicals and preservatives.  They have sandwiches, salads, amazing smoothies, teas and so much more.

I had a chicken fajita, which was delicious. It came with a side of sea salt chips and I also had a strawberry banana smoothie. YUUM!  The food all seems healthy (even if it really isn’t) and it’s not too pricy, so I want to tell everyone to check it out! On the dessert menu they had “Dominique’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie (and not one calorie!!).”  And I know I’m very gullible, but I was like, “hey, this is an organic restaurant. And they do make pop without calories so maybe it’s possible??”

Even our station manager was intrigued, so he asked the server and she said that it is just a joke with the owner of the restaurant and of courrrssseee there are calories in it, and lots of them!  So, my dreams were crushed because that would have made my life to know that there were cookies without calories :]

But all in all, Andrea’s Garden was delightful and you should check it out if you’re in the area.  Try the other little places around here too.  There’s Chive’s, Jalisco, Alliance Family Restaurant, Anthony’s, Burger Hut, Blue Fig, Tailgater’s and a bunch more!  Happy exploring!! :]




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