Finals Week

For most students at Mount, this week is a hectic one, but it starts out slow. Monday is our last full day of class, Tuesday is a reading/studying day and then finals begin and continue through the following Tuesday. Personally this week I have four finals, a job interview and the OAC Track and Field Championships at Mount Union. My four finals this week include – American Family, Forensic Psychology, Theories and Practices of Professional Editing and Critical Theory and Rhetoric. I also had a final project due for my basic drawing class. Next week, I have my human experience in literature and language final exam.

Most of my junior classmates in addition to studying for finals are preparing themselves for internships this summer. My senior roommates, however, are preparing themselves for job interviews and graduate school interviews in the next few weeks. It is a curious thing to observe the four different stages of “end of school” experiences. Freshmen are ecstatic to be going home and spending the summer with their high school friends and their new college friends. Sophomores are starting to get more professional jobs and taking a summer course and spending time with their college sweet heart. Juniors are getting internships, and seniors are preparing for adulthood.

The spring weather has been uncharacteristically poor in all of Ohio, a record setting performance I believe. But on this week of finals and pressure, the weather has decided to play nice and allow for a sunny, warm quad to study in.


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