Favorite Part of Italy

I believe every person has his or her favorite part to each vacation. I just got back from Italy, and in my opinion, my favorite moment was singing in The Pantheon. It happened at the end of our choir tour in Rome, where we had spent almost three hours walking around, taking pictures and learning all about the city. Finally we came to The Pantheon and since Dr. Shearer had mentioned to the choir that we might perform an impromptu concert, we all went straight to him at the end of the tour to ask. He said to get into a big circle and choose a song to sing. We all agreed to sing “E’en So Lord Jesus Quickly Come.” As we began to sing, people started to stop and gather around us. You could feel all the eyes in the room watching us. I noticed a few people taking pictures and videos of us, which was a great feeling because people were actually enjoying watching us perform.

As we left, there was still that energy and intensity in myself that felt so amazing. A few people even stopped me before we left and told me that we sounded amazing and they really enjoyed hearing us. The experience was truly my favorite. Even though we did perform in three other churches while in Italy, this was my favorite performance and really inspired music in me to come out for the rest of the week.

I am adding a video that I had found of this performance and trust me, it sounds amazing, so please take a listen.

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