Experiences that College Students Have?

Some people come to college thinking life is a party and I am here to enjoy it. Others believe that you are at college to find your career and then graduate. I however came to college hoping to gain experience, and so far after my first year I believe I have gained quiet a bit of experience. From things that I did with my friends to the classes I’ve taken as well as talking to my professors – I’ve gained a lot of experience and have learned so much.

My mom had always told me that my life is a puzzle, anytime something happens … I make a new friend, new boyfriend, have a dramatic day or anything for that matter … that they are all pieces of my puzzle. As my freshman year of college comes to an end I believe that I have gained a few puzzle pieces along the way. I began my Mount Union adventure when I went to marching band camp. The first night of being there I met my best friend and we are still best friends today. She is like my twin. We share so many stories, and I am so glad to have her in my life. As my first semester continued, I made many other friends. In fact, something that really popped out at me were that some of the guys I knew in marching band had a band of their own, Ram In the Bush. If you haven’t heard of them I would highly suggest listening to some of their music on Facebook or even coming to one of their live performances. They have just released a new CD and it actually has a full storyline behind the music and includes an orchestra. Anyone in the Mount Union community should really try and support this local band. Supporting local music is very important. So if you know someone who is in a band, go and listen to them because it really helps with everything the musical community is trying to accomplish. Also, if anyone is interested, I am adding a video of Ram in the Bush to this post. Please take a moment to listen.

I just also got back from my first choir tour – the amazing part was we spent it in … Italy!! This was the best investment I have made and I am so glad that the school gave me this opportunity to take such an amazing trip. Keep reading as I post more about the trip and any other stories I receive from the other members of the choir.

So if you are just beginning your college experience or are just about finishing it up, take everything you learned and experienced and add to your own puzzle. I truly hope that it turns out to be a masterpiece.

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