Expanding your reach

One thing I wish I would’ve done differently this year is get involved in a more diverse group of activities. My sorority is the major group that I am part of and I feel like I spend a lot of time with the people in it and most of my friends are actually in it as well. I love spending time with my sisters and my best friends and all of the other activities that go on within our chapter! Our sorority is very diverse with personalities, which is nice to have a variety of friends, but I would like to meet others with similar interests as me. I joined the Unonian (yearbook club) in the beginning of the year because I am very interested in photography but lately it has been hard to keep up. Also, the Unonian is mostly individual work such as taking pictures, so I haven’t really become friends with anyone in this club. I do enjoy being a part of this club though and will probably stay in and try to block out time to stay involved for the next three years. I wish I would have found more clubs to get into though. I thought one or two would be enough but I realize now I could have handled being in three because some are not very demanding outside of meetings.

What does this have to do with you? It’s just some advice to keep yourself involved in more than one club to gain more than just one circle of friends. Of course I am not trying to get a new group of best friends, just looking to meet more people on campus! I personally enjoy having lots of different friends to call on and if you join clubs that are related to your major especially it’s likely your path will become intertwined with theirs. It’s nice to have friends in your classes to be able to study and work together with! I plan on joining the psychology club next semester so I will probably meet a bunch of new people who are also majoring in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience who will end up in some of my classes at one point or another. It’s always nice to know people before going into class, but you also can make lots of friends or solidify a friendship with someone in your classes. My first semester I sat next to a girl who looked friendly and we ended up in the same sorority and hung out quite a few times last semester.

Diversity is best and I just wanted to give you a look at how I feel about my involvement on campus after almost a year and what I would do a bit differently if I could. It’s perfectly fine to become devoted to one club or group of friends, but always look to expand your reach.

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