End of the semester blues

It’s getting to be that time again!

Everyone is starting to cram, stress out, get worried about graduation, worry about finals, staying up late doing projects, skipping meals to get a little more work done, pull all nighters, hunt for summer jobs, freak out—-


Whew. You can’t let the semester get you carried away. If you don’t have your health, you haven’t got anything! Musicians, theatre people, athletes, Greeks, scholars–you name it, everyone is busy.

Here are some tips for making the end of the semester a good one:

Get some sleep:
Here’s what happens. For every hour after midnight you stay up, your body needs more sleep. So staying up late will actually make you exponentially more tired! So, try to plan out your evenings better so you don’t have to stay up. Or, if you know you’re only gonna get a few hours of sleep, try waking up early instead of staying up late. Still rough, but not as rough on your body.

Don’t skip meals:
We all know this. You can’t deny your body the energy it needs to carry on. You’ll get more accomplished in the long run if you’re giving your body the right stuff! You can only run on fumes for so long, and your quality of work will suffer the more you do.

Give your voice a break!
Whether you’re singing in the choir or giving a speech for a class, you want your voice to stay with you all semester. Don’t go crazy yelling at your video games or cheering on your favorite athletics team. No one likes a sore throat! And, if you feel one coming on, go on vocal rest! You just don’t talk unless absolutely necessary! It’s even kind of fun to just listen and observe life for a little.

Hang out with friends!
I know this sounds silly, but… what are you going to remember more in five years? That time you stayed up late finishing a paper or that time you walked barefoot around campus with a buddy? I’m not saying pick socializing over academics, obviously that’s important. But remember that mental health is part of health too! Here’s an idea: make friend time an incentive for getting work done quickly!

Get off of Facebook!
Seriously, it’s getting to be a bit of a dying fad anyway. I’m sure no one will miss you online anyway, especially since you’ll be hanging out with them in real life more often anyway! Facebook is the antithesis of getting homework done. Think of how much less stressed you’ll feel when you don’t waste hours on Facebook!


Do homework outside!

My freshman year, I completed a final paper and a project while sitting beside the lakes. It’s a beautiful campus, and we’re about to get some beautiful weather. I PROMISE it’s so much more enjoyable getting work done when the sun is shining on your back. You’ll probably get work done even faster because you’re enjoying what you’re doing!

Keep a planner!
I keep a planner. It’s huge. But I never forget to do anything, and I can budget my time appropriately because of it. Keeping a planner is great for organization and keeping track of things. Instead of remembering things by yourself, use the aid of a planner.

So those are my tips. I think they apply to everyone on campus, whether you’re interested in music, arts, sports, Greek life–whatever. Let’s just make this end of the semester a good one!


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