Easter Excitement

This Easter was different from past Easter’s because I did not spend it with my parents and sisters. Usually for Easter we go to my aunt’s house in Virginia but I didn’t have enough days off to be able to get there and have a decent amount of time with them. If I didn’t have anywhere else to go my parents would’ve made it work but I have a friend who lives in Greensburg about 20 minutes from my other aunt’s house. So this year I went home with my friend Alie and spent Thursday night at her house and then went to my aunt’s house Friday night through Sunday afternoon. I’m really glad I had to chance to stay with this aunt because in the past I have only ever seen her once a year at Christmas. My aunt also has two sons, Andrew and Nick, who are 15 and almost 13. It was great to spend time with them and experience some new things that I’ve never done before- like playing street hockey! I did not really play street hockey though, I was the goalie so I got to play dodge ball with the ball in the net. I was able to stop some of their shots though which felt pretty nice!! Saturday was just a perfect day outside so we spent most of our time outside playing lacrosse, street hockey and lots of basketball. We played around the world (a basketball game) and named each of the lines a different city or country. My cousin Andrew broke his collar bone in the beginning of March and after a while he started hurting so we quit and went down to the basement where I beat his cocky brother in ping pong. Then they tried teaching me how to play COD, which was very interesting. By the end of the weekend I got up to six kills in one game though! I was pretty pleased with that.

My aunt also had activities for us to do relating to Easter, such as an Easter egg hunt, finding Easter baskets and dying Easter eggs. The Easter egg hunt was by far the most fun!! She hid 12 eggs and we each had to try to find our four eggs first (any four, they were not labeled). I finished first!! Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much. We did not get around to dying the Easter eggs until Sunday though because we started  watching the basketball games on Saturday (NCAA) and we also went out to dinner. Amazingly Friday and Saturday night I was able to get some of my homework done! Sunday we went to church, found our Easter baskets and then hung out downstairs until dinner because it was raining. We had an early dinner at 2 p.m. and then I had to get ready to leave to be at Alie’s by 4 p.m. Then Alie and I made the two-hour drive back to Mount Union and spent the rest of Easter doing homework. Before she went back home Alie’s mom (who drove us) gave me a little Easter gift basket that has lots of goodies in it! I also have the bag of candy my aunt got me.. It’s so tempting to just eat it all and not just one a day!!!

Hope everyone reading had a great Easter as well and is ready for the final stretch of school before you graduate!!

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