Easter Break

Monday is the last day of classes until the end of August. For seniors, it will be the last day of classes ever at Mount Union. I have had a unique experience because I have roomed with upperclassmen since my sophomore year. They all graduate in a week and a half. What makes it even more unique is that only one of my roommates is actually from the State of Ohio. I am from Illinois, my roommate is from Virginia and my other roommate it from Pennsylvania.

While it’s not the end of the world like a lot of high school seniors feel like when they graduate, next year will be a lot different. One roommate will be at graduate school, another working a job in Pittsburgh and another living at home on the beaches of Virginia. I’ll be at Mount with three new roommates – two of whom are from Ohio and the third from South Carolina. It’ll be a different feeling living in the same place with three people who aren’t the ones you lived with for the past two years, but it’ll be just as fun.

For the third year in a row, I’ll be spending Easter weekend with my roommates, probably for the last time. Most of my favorite memories from college are with these guys … track meets, hiding mouse traps in our bed sheets and Kleenex boxes, going to Columbus or Cleveland for Cavs games and the Arnold Classic or the fall break when two of my roommates went home for the weekend and left their doors unlocked and my roommate and I covered their room with 1,000 multi colored dot stickers. A lot of fun times.

When you’re in high school, the people you live with are the ones you have to live with because they’re your family.
When you’re in college, the people you live with are the one you have chose to live with because they’re your family.

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