Dorm Room Essentials

A big challenge when preparing for college is deciding the necessities of a dorm room. The best way to decide what you need to buy for your dorm room is to contact your future roommate and come up with a plan of everything you already have and what you’re going to need. Splitting the cost of everything is what everyone usually does. While it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re going to need in your dorm and what your dorm can actually hold, there are two things every dorm room needs. Here are the dorm room essentials.

Futon – All of the dorm’s at Mount have enough room to hold a futon and this extra seating is a must have! Some of my friends have even found ways to have two futons in one room. A futon in the room makes your room more comfortable and gives you space to relax. Otherwise, without a futon the only place to sit is at your desk chair, which you will be spending enough time at. Last year, I lived in Cunningham and we had a futon. But this year with a little more room in Shields, we are able to have a futon and a recliner.

TV – This should actually be TVs. Having two televisions is a must. College is all about being able to multi-task and learning time management so being able to play my PS3 on one TV and watch SportsCenter on the other helps me conserve my time. Having two TVs is also helpful come March Madness and the NFL season so my friends and I can hang out and watch two games at once.


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