Dear Myself

Dear (12th grade) Tyler,

It’s me, yourself from the future. Currently it is the year 2012 and I have experienced a lot at the University of Mount Union. I know you’re nervous about college classes, but really there isn’t too much to worry about. The homework and studying isn’t hard, but you must study if you want to pass, excel and if you want to know what you’re doing once you get a job.

You will love athletic training. Isn’t it like 80% of college students change their major? Well you’re the 20% that doesn’t, so it seems like you made a nice pick. You’ll meet a lot of great people because of athletic training, and keep those connections strong because they will be professional connections in the future.

You’re going to miss playing soccer a lot, but there is a good thing there is intramural indoor soccer.  You’ll have a blast. Wrestling will definitely keep you busy as well.  Get in that weight room though, you need to lift because these are men you’re wrestling now, not those little boys in high school anymore. You’ll like Coach Hawald, you’ll love your teammates and you’ll think practice is fun (sometimes). Most of the time it’s hard, but you forget how hard it is because you have goals that are so high. The work to get there will be worth it.

I know nobody from good ol’ Charles F. Brush High School is going to be a Purple Raider with you your freshman year, but more will come and it will be people you like. I don’t want to tell you because I want it to be a surprise.  And, don’t worry about not making friends, you’ll make plenty. Get to know your professors because they are good references and good friends. You can make it through college alone, but it is a lot easier and less stressful with connections.

So what I’m telling you in this letter is to stop stressing, college is worth it. You’ll be busy, and you’ll find everything you need.


Your college sophomore self, Tyler.

P.S.  Say hi to that girl in your Asian Civilization class, you won’t regret it.

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