Crazy times are ending

It has been a great and crazy semester. For me, it has been a very exhausting week. There have been many concerts and many recitals this semester that have included great talent. This past week included the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band featuring guest artist Bob Ferrel, two Concert Choir performances and an Alliance Symphony Orchestra performance featuring the Solo Con Tutti winners – Jenna Grant, Ally Oyster and Drew Duncan. Just within the last few days the Concert Band performed and trumpet, trombone and percussion ensembles had recitals. If you missed any of these amazing performances, I highly suggest trying to attend one next semester to see all of the amazing music making that goes on within the walls of Cope Music Hall.

If you are still interested in seeing a fantastic performance before the semester ends and graduation begins, stop by on Thursday, April 21 at 8 p.m. to see the Flute Choir perform. It will be a great recital, and if you go you will be very glad that you decided to attend. Hope to see everyone in Cope more often to hear all of the wonderful performances that take place every week.

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