College Advice, Take More Risks

My brother recently shared a LinkedIn article with me called Wanted at Work: Take More Risks in College by Jeff Selingo, an editor and columnist at The Chronicle of Higher Education, which describes how risk taking is so important in college and how it will help you in the workplace. It’s safe to say, although I do not know quite yet, that you will have more freedom and room to do this while you are young and in a collegiate career. The moral of the article is that focusing on major research projects, putting yourself in unfamiliar situations and developing a portfolio are all crucial to future success.

I feel that I have accomplished all three of these, and that Mount Union prepared me for two of them. First in the research realm, Mount has a Senior Culminating Experience (SCE) for all majors. Last semester I wrote my Spanish research paper on an economic analysis of La Liga in Spain and FIFA mega-events, particularly the World Cup. For my management major this semester we are going through a game simulation of running a company, and also are required to write several papers. These two classes, among others, have helped my analytical skills. Secondly, putting myself in unfamiliar situations was easily accomplished by studying abroad in Spain for a semester. This stretched me beyond comfort zones and helped me achieve cultural and experiential learning. Lastly, through much of my time at Mount Union I have been fortunate to be part of several organization and work a couple internships, allowing me to develop a portfolio and e-presence. At any rate, I encourage students to take as many risks in college that they can, it may pay off! I hope it does for me.

Please take a moment to read the actual post by Jeff Selingo, it’s worth the read, and Mount Union will prepare you for the first two for sure, and in most cases the last! Enjoy.

Photo taken by Zak Suhar in Calpe, Spain while studying abroad in spring 2012.

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