Ciao from Italy!!

Well was what the Mount Union Concert Choir was saying for a week in Italy on the 2011 Choir Tour. The choir spent five days in lovely Florence, Sienna, Rome, and Vatican City, the weather was beautiful, the food was amazing and of course of music sounds fantastic.

The trip began the day after Mother’s day in Cleveland-Hopkins airport,and may I just say an eight hour flight is a very long one. When we finally did land though, we took a three hour bus ride to Siena and had an entire day there full of walking and shopping and lots of eating. In my group, we had pizza at a small restaurant and it was really nice, but my favorite part of the day was going to The Duomo in Sienna. There was an amazing stairway on the side of this building and it was so fun to climb up. As we continued to walk around the city there were many small coves and stores that we found and had such a great first day.

Day one ended in Montecatini, which was were the choir spent two days. The city was very small and made it very easy for a some students to do some late night shopping. I will warn anyone who has never traveled over seas your bed may be a bit tiny and the temperature controls are in Celsius.

Be sure to keep checking for more stories of the trip to Italia and any stories from the choir

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