The first day of December for the year 2011 has finally arrived. Many people look forward to this day each year as it officially marks the first day of the holiday season, the holiday being Christmas of course! On the first day of December, or the first week of December at least, many Christmas trees are cut down and bought, decorations go up and lights are hung around the outside of many homes. Christmas music is finally played repeatedly on the radio and Christmas movies are played each night on many channels, especially ABC Family, which even has its own Christmas movie event called the 25 Days of Christmas. People begin to spend more time shopping and buying the gifts wanted by family members as well as baking festive cookies and desserts, all in preparation for upcoming holiday parties. The first day of December is the beginning of the Christmas festivities and the start of a wonderful month full of holiday cheer and giving!

The first day of December, however, for many college students across America is somewhat different. One the first day of December, 12/1/2011, college students begin counting down the days until the semester is over. It’s one day closer to the day in which they can return home for a long, extended Christmas break full of relaxation, fun and family time with, most importantly, no school work. On the first day of December, the common disease of “Christmas-itis” finally kicks in. Students no longer want to do school work, although these last few weeks is crunch time stuffed with presentations, due dates for important papers and final exams with these ending weeks being some of the most important weeks of the semester. At this point in the semester, college students have much desire to return home as some have only been home once this semester, which was most likely for Thanksgiving a little over a week ago. This very common disease of “Christmas-itis” can be trouble for students as it creates the temptation to procrastinate school work and do something else more exciting in its place.

So how do you tackle “Christmas-itis” and prevent it? Well first off, it’s inevitably unpreventable as almost all students love Christmas and the holiday season. So it happens to be one of those things you just take it as it comes and deal with it! But there are several steps, which can be used to help calm “Christmas-itis” and not allow it to overcome the last few important weeks of the semester. First off, staying organized and having a study game plan is very important. Be sure to be aware of all upcoming assignment due dates, exam schedules and any homework that needs to be done. Allot time to complete all of these assignments and to study. Make a list to help you and be sure to check it twice each day (just like Santa!!). Secondly, invite the Christmas holiday in. Decorate your dorm room, listen to Christmas music and watch a holiday movie. Ignoring the holiday feelings can only increase the effects of “Christmas-itis.” Thirdly, be sure to leave some room for fun or alone time each day to break up all the school work that is due. Have a snow ball fight, go ice skating or see a newly- released movie. Lastly stay focused, as home and Christmas are only a few weeks away!

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