Christmas Decorating

Now that Thanksgiving is over with, everyone is getting out there Christmas decorations and really making the dorms look festive. A few people even decorated before Thanksgiving out of impatience and excitement for the season! I really think Christmas lights around the ceiling look the prettiest, especially colored ones! My roommate and I did not bring decorations from home so after class on Wednesday we made plans to go out and buy some lights to get even more in the Christmas spirit.

Every day while we do homework and chill out in the room, we blare Christmas music and sing along. We have also watched a few Christmas movies on ABC Family already! Unfortunately, we do not have a TV in our room, but thankfully there are some online so we still have access :) I’m glad that she is as much into the season as I am. I would not be able to have a Grinch as a roommate around Christmas time because I love it too much. I have a friend on my floor who has a roommate who doesn’t even like to talk about Christmas! Who doesn’t like talking about Christmas?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I can’t wait for it to start snowing because that makes it feel even more like Christmas. Tonight I think we are going to get at least a little. It was flurrying earlier! Over Thanksgiving break it snowed at Mount Union and even in Northwestern Pennsylvania such as Pittsburgh and Erie, but not down near Philly where I leave. Last year it only snowed once on October 29. It was a HUGE storm, but it didn’t snow during actual winter at all! During my freshman year of high school, my birthday became a snow day and it was just perfect! My birthday is in March though, so that usually doesn’t happen.

The last time I was at Mount Union in February it snowed and the campus looked even more beautiful :) I can’t wait until it gets like that again! I probably won’t be too happy walking to class but just seeing snow will be worth it :) If you come to school here, and you don’t know it already, it does get pretty harsh in the winter. So, if you’re not used to that, you might want to mentally prepare for it! Winter coats, gloves and sometimes hats are recommended for your survival :)

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