Changes for Spring

Some people come to school with the hope of becoming best friends with their roommate. Yet this does not always happen. Sometimes you are so different that you can’t stand to live together anymore and have to move out midsemester. A few people I know went through this process and ended up by themselves in a room for the rest of the semester. For some, it was not that easy and they had to stick it out the rest of semester. If you do end up with someone who you do not get along with very well and cannot move out immediately, there is still a way to solve the issue. You can change dorms and roommates for the following semester.

So if it doesn’t work out, you can find someone else to room with or you can get another random roommate and try it out again! Always be sure to keep an open mind about who you room with though. Don’t be quick to judge – people can surprise you. Also, if you and your roommate want to move into a different dorm you can request to do so as well! Personally, I regret choosing Cunningham over McMaster, but my roommate and I wanted to stay together and didn’t think there would be enough empty rooms. The spring request forms were just given to us so we didn’t realize what we actually wanted until after filling out the forms. We also were not informed beforehand that we would be able to switch for the spring semester. So hopefully this gives you a heads up for your options next year!! I wish you the best roommate luck :) “Life’s what you make it,” and so is living with someone new!

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