Busy, busy, busy.

What a crazy week. I don’t know how this always happens, but professors always seem to cram everything in at the end of the semester so I have everything due all at once. UGH. This week I had a presentation on Monday, a midterm on Tuesday, I had a quiz today, tomorrow I have a huge journal entry due in one of my classes and Friday I have a written proposal and another presentation due. Phew.

I’ve always loved being busy, but comeeeeee on. This is crazy! We had our last radio show, “Late Night Jams with Shan and Sam,” last night because the next two Tuesdays don’t work and then we’re moving out! It’s so insane how fast this year/semester flew by.

On Tuesday, I will be presenting my SCE. For those of you that don’t know what that is it means “Senior Culminating Experience.” It’s basically Mount Union’s version of a senior project and every department is different. It’s supposed to “culminate,” or bring everything together, that you’ve learned throughout your time at Mount Union.

The Department of Communication requires students to write a paper during their junior and fall of their senior year and present their research in the spring of their senior year. Since I’m graduating early in December, I’m presenting mine this semester … next week!! AHHH. So I’ve been so busy getting my presentation all set.

Hmph. Well, I better get back to all that homework. Tomorrow is UMUpalooza, the four-hour live music event in the Quad sponsored by WRMU, so make sure to come out! :]


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