Belly Flops and National Championships

We are deep into spring break 2011 and halfway through the semester. 99% of the campus is away at home or on a beach somewhere. Meanwhile I and fellow trackster, Scott Thomas, and a handful of wrestlers are on campus training for the 2011 DIII National Championships. The Track and Field Championships are being hosted at fellow OAC school, Capital University, while the Wresting Championships are being hosted by the WIAC’s Wisconsin-Lacrosse. The baseball team is at a spring baseball tournament in Florida, but we are all preparing in Alliance.

Spring break preparation isn’t too exciting. You need to rest as much as possible and practice as efficiently as possible when leading up to the competition. It is nice not to have to worry about school and walking around the campus and such. I spend my days sleeping, practicing and eating around town. It is nice to have all this free time and although the campus is a little empty right now, it is nice.I’ll probably take some video and pictures of our three-day trip to Columbus for Nationals. As far as I’m concerned, Nationals for track is unlike any other championship experience. There are so many more athletes from so many other locations around America competing in so many different facets of athletics, and the opportunity to not only compete but watch some of the best athletes in the nation is incomparable. Track is unlike any sport as well because there are much closer bonds and relationships between competitors than any other sport, especially in the throw. Although we are competing against each other, there is nothing we can do to inhibit another’s performance but have the best performance we can have. We are competing more against ourselves than anyone else. Being a thrower is like being in a brotherhood, which transcends schools and teams.A few weeks ago Mount’s student body held a fundraiser competition called “The Big Floppy” and it’s in its second season. I have competed in both seasons and have been gyped on both counts! But I will let you be a judge for yourself.

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