Back to class we go

Spring break is nearly over and I can’t seem to understand where the week went?! One week goes by so fast (especially when you don’t want it to). Even though I wasn’t experiencing the warm sun and sandy beaches this week, I did spend some quality time with family and friends and that was just as great! I had, as always, many things on my to-do list for this week that did not get done. But, in the middle of several Starbucks trips and mall days, I did manage to find a dress for my sororities formal, which I can consider to be a great accomplishment! Formals for sorority girls are similar to the prom for high school girls. It is the biggest social event of the year and is always a great time that is greatly anticipated by all members of the Greek community! So, I would have to say with formal just a few weeks away and summer vacation only 52 days away, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things on Monday morning at 9 a.m. for French 101 with Dr. Triplett and finishing up the rest of the semester at Mount!

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