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The Democratic National Convention

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I arrived at the Democratic National Convention around 2:30 on Saturday. While waiting to catch a cab I met a very nice young man who was also part of the Washington Center. We decided to split the cab and head to the hotel. The staff at the hotel was incredibly friendly. After we dropped off all of our bags we decided that we would wander around Charlotte for a little while. Charlotte is a very nice little city. It is small enough that we can walk around it no problem. We arrived back at the hotel around 5 and decided to change and head to dinner. While on the way out we ran into a group of eight or nine students who were all part of the Washington Center. We ended up going to dinner with these people. It was awesome to meet new people from all over the country. My roommate is from Texas and the young man I met earlier was from Boston. Everyone was so excited for the convention to start. It’s such a cool feeling to be around so many students with such a passion for politics.