April Fools

Nature gave us our April fools joke a day late, as Mother Nature attacked Mount Union’s track team this past Saturday. The night before our track meet, it snowed while we were sleeping. Then, it warmed up and turned the thin layer of powder into water, which then froze as it cooled down, putting a nice icy crust on Alliance. It proceeded to warm up and reached the mid 40’s around 11 a.m. Then, out of nowhere, it began to snow heavily. I’m talking about large flakes the size of ping-pong balls falling from the cloudy skies, and then quicker than you could blink, it was pouring down rain. Not five minutes later was it sunny again, until the wind picked up again and it started snowing. This all took place in a 15-minute time frame and was absolutely ridiculous.

Hopefully at next week’s home meet the weather will be a little more consistent!



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  • Mark Bustos says:

    Hi Sean I have a nephew that will be attending your school next year as a football player and was reading thru your blog just to get a feel for your school and some people in the school which he has signed and coming from Colorado I really like track as i come from alamos a which is one of the top ranking teams in NAIA div 2 and have put out some top runners in the world and so i guess I’ll drop in on your blog now and then maybe get to b-s if you’d like good luck in your career and hope to gain a friend Mark Bustos Alamosa ,Co

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  • The weather can play tricks

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