And so the madness begins

Well it’s the time again … March Madness … A time when students everywhere are talking about who they think the next champion of the NCAA 2011 Tournament will be! Well, I filled my bracket out just the other day and entered into one poll, having high hopes that NC will take away the victory this year as the champion! It’s interesting how much goes into filling these brackets out. Last year, I did one just for fun and based it solely on which teams uniforms I liked more…great theory I know.

Well … it just so happened that picking Duke as the champion helped me to place 3rd in the pole I entered, and I received a grand total of $20! Yes I know $20 is not a lot, but to college students, every bit counts. I was thrilled to be $20 richer from the madness! I can only hope that the luck of the Irish will stay with me and I can come away with just as much luck … if not more this year as March Madness continues!

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