An Athletic Trainer’s Mindset

Before I became an athletic training major, I would freak out if someone were to get seriously hurt. I wouldn’t know what to do so I’d just freak out.

After nearly a year of being an athletic training student and experiencing injury after injury, my mindset toward dealing with injuries has changed. I don’t freak out and I remain calmer than I used to be. Instead of freaking out and panicking, I am able to think about what has to be done according to the injury.

Depending how serious the injury is, I might still be going crazy in my mind but I know I still have to get the job done. Knowing that my mindset is changing this quickly, I can only imagine how other medical professionals are mentally adjusting to their job. It can be rough at times but the small things to them could be something life altering to the injured patient.

I graduate in 2014 and I know that by then my mindset will be even more mature than it is now. I still feel even after I graduate and when I get a job, I will be able to grow even more.

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