A Year After

Remember your preview for freshman orientation? So do I. It only happened a year ago, but it was very much a turning point from a high school mentality to one of college. We set up our first schedule, took tests in both foreign language and math and got a chance to socialize with our classmates. Good times. Times which I got to revisit recently, even though I’m not a preview guide.

My brother just got back from his preview yesterday and was filling me in on all the details of the two days. Once again, the preview guides were stellar. They really do a great job of creating an environment that allows time for both structured activities and relax time to get accustomed to the campus.

As my brother was telling me about how preview had gone, I was thinking about how much I’m looking forward to returning to Mount this fall. It feels, and I’m sure many from my class can attest to this, that we have it all “figured” out. We know the campus, we know the professors in our departments and we know the daily lifestyle. I’m excited. It means more time enjoying the experience and less time trying to remember where classes are and settling in to a routine. These were all fun things to go through as a freshman, but it’s nice that each year spent at Mount will offer up something new.

Any incoming freshman read this blog? Feel free to ping me in the comments or on Twitter (@kyledreger) and we can get together. You’ll be making lots of friends over these next few weeks so keep an open mind and be outgoing. You’re going to love it here.


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