A liberal arts education

Recently, the Office of Marketing has been doing this Twitter stunt that I think is pretty cool. Students get to tweet why they love Mount Union with #IheartMount in the message.

I definitely love Mount Union, and it was pretty refreshing to see a lot of people’s different reasons for loving it too.


I took a little bit of thought with mine—mostly because there are a LOT of things I like about Mount. But here’s what I came up with:

“#IheartMount cuz I’ve been able to get involved in a lot of different things, and it feels like people here are genuinely invested in my success.”

First, let’s be clear about one thing. I’m not a fan of using “cuz” if I can help it, but with 140 characters…I digress.

But seriously though. I say it time and time again: I have done EVERYTHING I could have possible wanted to do: theatre, choir, band, art, journalism, photography, design and the list goes on and on!

Now, I’ve been involved in choir ever since it was made available to me in middle school. It’s meant a lot to my development as a musician and a person, and it was one of the things I was looking for in a college. I didn’t want to be in a choral program dedicated only to musicians.

And boy did I hit jackpot with Mount Union. The concert choir has 26 different majors represented. That’s phenomenal! The band hosts way more than music majors, and the theatre auditions are not limited to theatre majors.

Student Senate isn’t limited to political science majors, the Calliope (literary journal) isn’t only for English majors, and you don’t have to major in a science to be involved in science clubs—I’ve gone to every Physics Game Night.

And that’s incredible. THAT is a liberal arts education. Mount Union is more than focusing on your major and professionalism—it’s literally working to strengthen you as a person: your humanity, your heart, your drive. Mount Union is more than carrying a brick of a textbook from room to room and only building the mind.

That’s what I like about Mount Union. That’s why I came here. So I could learn, but also grow.

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