A Great Day in Sports

This past weekend marked a very eventful day in the Mount Union sports world. Being a part of the football team, I can honestly say that our game against Baldwin-Wallace was single-handedly the best game I have experienced to date. The stadium was packed and loud, and it was a very fun environment to be a part of. The game was a deciding factor for the OAC title and essentially came down to one last play on 4th down for us.

The play was a jump ball thrown from Matt Piloto to Chris Denton, with two defenders covering Chris. Somehow he came down with the catch and the stadium erupted. The photo is from the athletics website and shows how close of a play it truly was. Amazing. Then our defense was able to hold B-W for the last two minutes and the game ended on an incomplete pass. Just another step to winning our 11th national title this year, which has gathered the slogan of “11 in 11.”

It was a great game for my relatives and cousins to come to as well; their first game attended for the season was one of the best. What also added to the day was the Game Day Challenge I previously blogged about and helped to organize. There were stations set up throughout the whole stadium to help divert all the waste from the game away from landfills. I can’t wait to see the results and how much trash we diverted! Lastly, during the game there was an announcement that the woman’s volleyball team won their first-ever OAC title over Heidelberg, who are ranked ninth nationally. This just capped off an unbelievable weekend in Mount sports, and I hope the success continues throughout the post season!

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