A day of public relations

Every year, the Cleveland chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) hosts Student Day.

This is usually a conference of sort where students from all over Northeast Ohio get to listen to panels of speakers, get resume tips and advice from professionals, etc…

I have attended Student Day the past two years and both times have been great experiences.

A group of public relations students and I got up super early on a Friday to make a trip up to Cleveland State University to attend the event. We were served a nice breakfast and then took a few hours to listen to different panels of professionals from the field.

These people had nothing but great advice for us. Whether it was concerning our resumes and the importance of networking or how to handle interviews, we learned it all.

It is really great receiving advice from all these different people, especially because it is in our preferred field. You know, at school, we go to class, listen to speakers and read articles. Everywhere we look there is different advice, and hearing from these people was so beneficial because they are the people I want to work for someday. I was able to get a close look as to what they are looking for in a potential hire.

In college, we’re presented with SO many opportunities like Student Day. I know that other departments, not just communication, have opportunities like this. If you read my previous posts, you would have learned about my trip to New York City where professionals from that industry told me what they think we should do to be professional. Students absolutely need to take advantage of these events because they can learn so much and get a lot of good advice.

I talked earlier about the importance of networking … think of all the professionals that students are able to meet during these events. Like I said, I hope to work for these people someday, so what better way to get my foot in the door than to meet them in this kind of atmosphere?

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