21 Kindergartners, 1 great experience!

This week, I finished my observation hours for my education class, and much to my surprise I became fairly upset when I realized that I wouldn’t be coming back anymore. I have been spending my time observing in the same kindergarten classroom at the Early Learning Center here in Alliance since the beginning of last semester. I have spent almost one whole school year with 21 kindergartners and really got a chance to see them grow. The time that I have spent with the kids at the Early Learning Center has really helped me to understand more of the kind of teacher I would like to be one day. I had such a great experience working with this class! The class consisted of nine boys and 11 girls, who were, for the most part, really well behaved. The cooperating teacher that I worked with could not have been a better mentor for me. Right away, I picked up on certain cues and methods she used in teaching the students and was able to also use them myself when working with the students. This gave the students more respect for me and helped me to establish a great relationship with them.

The day before my last day of observation, the students and teacher presented me with a gift. The gift was a book with a picture of the class on the front, and inside each child completed a page with a sentence entitled “Miss Farmerie and (their name)” as well as drawing of a picture of us together. They also gave me a travel coffee mug that they had each signed and drew on (the teacher caught on to my obsession with coffee)! The moment they gave me these gifts, I was speechless. I was so touched and thankful that they would think of me. I believe that, in that moment, I truly realized why I wanted to be a teacher so much. Not because of the gifts or any of that, but because I knew that I had impacted them, and helped them in some way because they were thanking me for it. I had established a bond with those 21 kindergartners as my first observation class, and I will never be able to replace that. As soon as I drove away from the school on that final day, reflecting upon everything I have done there, I realized how happy I am to be going into the field of education, and how excited I am to be a teacher!

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